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Private in Home Training

​Private training is one on one sessions with you and your dog in your home. We will meet about once a week for an hour. In each lesson we will work on specific exercises and you will be given "homework" to work on until we meet up the following week. The amount of lessons can vary based on what your goals are.

Each program will include:

*Herm Sprenger prong collar for on leash training.

*The Good Dog Way by Sean O'Sea. This is not a "how to dog training book but a book that will better help you understand your relationship with your dog and the role you play. 

NOTE: Mini Educator Ecollar may be recommended for your unique situations.  The Mini Educator is NOT included with this program and will need to be purchased from a retailer.  

4 lessons $400

6 Lessons $600


Single Lesson $100 ( Single lessons can only be used after completing a minimum of our easy walk program they can be used as a refresher or continuing education)

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