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Private Training

​Private training is one on one sessions with you and your dog in your home or we are now offering obedience session at D'Ogees Place located In Tucson. We will meet about once a week for an hour. In each session, we will work on specific exercises, and you will be given "homework" to work on until we meet up the following week. The number of sessions can vary based on your goals.

Training sessions done at D'Ogees Place (Located on the corner of Ft. Lowell & Country Club:)

At this location, we primarily focus on obedience and minor behavioral problems such as jumping on people, Not coming when called, Etc. We do not work with aggression of any kind. Training is only available at this location Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 


$100 Per/ Session - Pay as you go

* NOTE: Training equipment may be recommended and must be purchased separately. 

Training sessions Done in your home:

* NOTE:  With this program, you will receive a training collar such as a prong or Martingale. Additional training equipment may be recommended based on your specific goals (Such as an Ecollar Technologies Ecollar) and must be purchased separately. 

4 lessons $500

6 Lessons $750


Single Lesson $125 ( Single lessons can only be used after completing a minimum of our easy walk program. They can be used as a refresher or continuing education)

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