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Board & Train

This is our most popular program. This a great option for people who want to jump start their dog to the right path of training. Through this program we will lay the foundation to creating a well-balanced dog as well as accomplishing the goals set during the evaluation or phone consult. Once the board and train is completed there will be three 1.5 hour follow up lessons to ensure the success of you and your dog. 



Each program will include:

*Herm Sprenger prong collar for on leash training.

*Mini Educator  E-collar. This will be used for reliable off leash communication. We have tried and used just about every training tool out there. We found because the Ecollar has various levels of communications when fairly taught the Ecollar is the clearest and easiest for dogs to understand.

*Long training lead.

*The Good Dog Way by Sean O'Sea. You will receive this book the day you bring your dog to stay with us. This is not a "how to dog training book but a book that will better help you understand your relationship with your dog and the role you play. 


*A Complete Transformations Equipment bag for your new dog training gear. 

What is covered



*Place (this command teaches your dog to go to a designated boundary (i.e a bed, mat , or cot. ) and lay their calmly  with out          getting up until they are released) 

*Recall (the come command)

*Duration work ( This is our built in stay. all dogs must learn to hold a command until released or given something else to do.)

*Out command ( This means to drop or leave what you have and back away. This can not only include food or toys but spaces            and other objects) 

*Heel ( walk politely on leash.) 

*As well as any behavioral goal set during our initial phone consult.


 3 Weeks $3000 

This program is reserved specifically for the dog that just needs to be more reliable and may be struggling with minor behavioral issues such as pulling on leash and not coming when called. 

4 Weeks $3500 

This is for the dog that is in need of a more comprehensive program. This includes but is not limited to resource guarding, leash reactivity and some aggression.  

Additional Weeks $500/week.

​Additional weeks may be needed for more complex cases. They can also be utilized if you would like your dog to have addition time with a professional trainer. 

1week refresher $700/week.

Think of this week as a tune up for your dog. These refresher weeks are only available to dogs that have already been through our board and train program. 


Before your Board & Train

Your dog must be crate trained. 

Your dog must be up to date on their vaccines.

Your dog must have a clear fecal exam within a week of their start day. 

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