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So glad I started training with Monique! My dog was very reactive to other dogs and hard to manage. My dog has improved 100% and I am not embarrassed to take her places anymore!! Thank you!! -Carla


Bru & Buddy

Monique is awesome and easy to work with. She is a great trainer and straight forward about everything. She kept me updated with videos and such during my dogs 3 week training session. She is up front and honest and I would recommend her to anyone struggling with naughty dogs! Thank you Monique!


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We started working with Monique in 2012 when we got our Doberman puppy. She was always so calm and patient with him. She taught him pretty much everything he knows and made it look really easy. Anytime we were having a hard time with something she was always there to help us through it. Now Kaiser is almost three and Monique is still there to answer any questions we have regarding his behavior. We get compliments from people almost every time we take him out about how well behaved he is. I am so grateful for everything she has done for us. Our family has complete confidence in her training abilities and the utmost respect for her.  -Katie


I first met Monique a couple years ago when I got my male Belgian Malinois. I knew from the beginning I would need some sort of training with him. Before he was old enough to start training, I was already pulling my hair out. I didn’t know what to do about his aggression as a puppy. When we started training with Monique, he turned into a completely different dog. He enjoyed training and behaved himself like a model student. We did a 5-6 week obedience training program with her and it was perfect. It came at the right time and perfect for Zeus. He learned to maintain his eye contact with me, where to go on the “bed” command, and how not to pull on the leash.
Later, I learned Zeus had some reactivity issues. He reacts to other dogs when they pop up on him way too excitedly. Zeus likes slower introductions and is touchy about it. He won’t bite but he will start barking and backing up if another dog runs up to him by surprise. So, it was my job to fix that and let him know its okay not to freak out. Monique showed us how to correct that reaction, and he has improved significantly. He trusts me and looks for me assurance. What worked phenomenally with correction and being on the leash in general was Monique’s suggestion of the prong collar. Monique taught us how to use it properly which is really important because you don’t want to injure your dog.
Also, Monique has taken care of all our pups before. I have to say they are a whole handful! All 4 dogs come back happy tired. It’s a great comfort to know that we can take a trip knowing that our babies are in good hands. She treats each dog individually if you can picture that. For example, my Dobe mix has some anxiety issues. She’s a huge spaz, hates leaving my side, and will sit outside crying if she knows I’m home. She absolutely hates the kennel. However, when she stayed with Monique, Monique caught onto Nox’s problems right away and worked with her. She gave Nox some calming supplements, and put her to exercise on the treadmill! That just blew my mind that someone would go to such efforts to make my pup feel at home. I really appreciate it. Because of Monique, my dogs are much more obedient and confident little fur critters. I think Monique is a fantastic person and dog trainer and I have and will continue to recommend her to others.




We looked at several dog obedience options and settled on Monique Vargas. We took our 6 month old mixed Lab to 8 classes and monique was so good with him and the 7 or 8 other dogs in the class. The setting was also wonderful in the pinic area of Creek Hollow Ranch. Monique has a special talent with dogs and their owners, Teaching the dogs how to behave and the owners how to react to their pet. Monique would answer any questions and concerns and stay after class if needed. I highly recomend Monique for her classes or any other training she may offer. Ron & Alice Pon



You’d be crazy to not to seek out Monique! I’ve seen the work she can do and it’s absolutely amazing! Thank you for helping my Mom!!! UPDATE: I have now seen first hand with my own boy how wonderful Monique is! I was honestly terrified but her and her pack helped me and Gunther our so much more than I expected! You cannot go wrong with her help! -Chelsea

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