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My favorite personal development speaker is Jim Rohn. Why does this matter in Dog Training?

Complete Transformations Dog Training San Diego

personal development speaker is Jim Rohn. You may be asking yourself “why does this matter in dog Training? “

If you take the time to listen and pay attention there are many correlations between personal development and dog training. The other day I was listening to my favorite speaker Jim Rohn and he was discussing some principles to problem solving and, once again I couldn't help but make the connection to dog training. Now I am going to try and get this as close to his own words as possible but it’s not verbatim. If you know Jim you know he has a very distinct way of talking and placing his words so I just wanted to throw that out there. . He said First was to look at the problem and figure out, is that the whole problem?…. Next was to follow these three steps. -what could I do -what could I read (research) -Who could I ask . Now let's break this down into how this relates if we are struggling with any behavior with our dog. . First was to look at the problem and figure out, is that the whole problem?- Take the time to look at the specific behavior that you are struggling with. Really break it down and evaluate it. Try and figure out all the pieces. Dogs are very cause and effect ( “this” happens so I do “this” in response) Look at the role you could be playing? What feedback are you giving your dog in those situations? If your dog is struggling with another dog in the home break it down the same way. Now this is not an exercise to make you feel bad but to just check in and become more aware and understanding. . what could I do? Now that you have taken the time to break the situation down, what could you possibly do differently to reach your goal ? . what could I read (research) - Ok so if you know Jim you know that he is pre YouTube so I am changing this from “what could I read?” to “what research could I do?”. We are living in an era of an abundance of free knowledge. So what could you research that could help you ? Do you want to teach your dog tricks?... Look at YouTube. Does your dog struggle with leash reactivity ?..... Maybe you want to research trainers. Does your dog eat their own poop? ….. Maybe a blog by a vet will help. . Who could I ask? Now that you have looked at the problem, asked yourself what you could do about this situation, and did your research if you are still not at your goal….. Who could you ask for help? It is absolutely ok to ask for help! Could you ask a friend who might understand your situation? Do you need to ask your vet? Or is it time to reach out to a trainer? Whoever it is, it's ok to ask for help to reach your goal.

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