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Complete Transformations Dog Training 


Complete Transformations Dog Training is physically located near Benson Arizona. However we service all of the surrounding areas including but not limited to Tucson, Marana, Sierra Vista, Green Valley, Vail, Tombstone and Sahurita. 


When you train with Complete Transformations we will not only be training your dog but also teaching you to effectively communicate with your dog in real life situations.

What makes us stand out from other trainers in the Southern Arizona area is our approach. We not only teach dogs obedience but we also work on the root cause of most problem behaviors, which is your dogs State of Mind. If our dog has great obedience but their state of mind is still in the same place then you may find your self still struggling. This is not only the case with more complex problem behaviors but simple ones as well. Such as becoming overly excited when you have guest over, and pulling on leash.  

We use a balanced approach to dog training meaning we give our dogs all the information needed to understand what we are asking of them. We use a system of both rewards and corrections which in my experience has proven it self to be the most effective when training your dog. In this approach we deliver appropriate and timely rewards to reinforce and strengthen wanted behaviors and  we also deliver appropriate and timely corrections  for undesired behaviors. This creates a very clear line of communication. You are providing your dog with the necessary feedback for each individual situation in a language that your dog understands. By using this system we are not delivering a one sided conversation. 

Our Mission is to not just provide you with another obedience program but to help you and your dog rebuild your relationship. We want to help you and your dog truly understand each other so you can both live an enjoyable life together. 

Whether you are looking for just a more reliable dog or Behavior modification. Complete Transformations Dog Training is the place for you and your dog!


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